Can I limit YouTube search results in a Zap to 3 videos every 5 hours?

  • 6 December 2023
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If the first step of a zap is “Youtube Search” and it’s bringing in, say 50 new videos matching the search query per day.

What is the best way to stop youtube bringing in all 50 videos at once?

I’d prefer to see 3 new videos being pulled in every 5 hours.


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4 replies

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  • Adding a delay step ( Delay for 5 Hours)


  • Add filter step ( Filter with duration) say duration greater than 5 Minutes



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Currently the trigger is “youtube search query” → Delay after queue (2 hours)

When youtube search query runs it finds 5+ videos (runs in batches).

My concern is; if the delay is limiting each search duration, everytime it runs, it brings in 5+ videos. When that delay kicks in, will all 5 videos be moved onto the next tasks at once OR will the 5 videos be broken up and each video will be processed individually rather than a batch?

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@Englander I would like to see your 3rd Step, what are you trying to do in the 3rd step.



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If you just want to see the first three and don’t care about the rest, I’d do that with a Code step to just return three results

If you want to see the first three now and the other 47 later, then that sounds like something I’d try to implement with Looping and a delay