Can I integrate Ubersuggest with Google search and create a report to assess Google search results?

  • 17 June 2023
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I’m trying to find out if this is possible and if so how to do it.

My objective is to create a report that assesses the quality of the top ten search results from Google.

I want to automate the process of

  1. Enter a search term
  2. Get the top ten results from google
  3. Enter the top ten results into ubersuggest (an SEO analysis tool)
  4. Output a report from ubersuggest of the DA (domain authority) and number of backlinks for each of the domains in the top ten and the number of words in the page that google served as a result.

I am new to Zapier and have only done a couple of zaps using stripe and gmail. I was not able to find google search or ubersuggest in the list of integrated apps.

My questions are

  1. is it possible to do this with Zapier
  1. How do I integrate ubersuggest and google search results

Thanks for any guidance or help you can provide.


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Hi @afam 

Good question.

You can check out the available Zap apps here:

Google Search is not an available Zap app from Google:

Ubersuggest is not an available Zap app.


NOTE: Search results can vary from user to user doing the search base on lots of factors that Google uses.