Can I delete the original event in Google Calendar after creating a new detailed event on another Google Calendar?

  • 28 June 2023
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I am trying to copy events from google calendar A to google calendar B, and then delete the original event in google calendar A.   

The goal is that whenever an event is created in calendar A that matches specific search terms, zapier would create a new detailed event in calendar B, and then delete the original event in calendar A.   I am able to search and identify the events in calendar A using the “New Event matching Search in Google Calendar” trigger. The action is “Create Detailed Event in Google Calendar”  That is all working beautifully.   But I end up with two identical events in two separate calendars. 

So, how do I delete the original event off calendar A, after the new detailed event is created in calendar B?  


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5 replies

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Hi @Nimblenurse 

Good question.

You can use the GCal API to delete the Event:

Zap action: GCal - API Request


Thank you for your reply.  Perhaps I could use this if I were a computer programmer.  But I am a nurse practitioner, looking to design a workaround for an online appointment scheduling platform that doesn’t do what I need it to do. 

If I understand it right, to use this method, I would need to specify the EventID of each specific event I wish to delete. How is that even feasible?   I need to delete events in calendar A on a rolling basis, as they get scheduled, right after they get copied to Calendar B.  I can’t be going into Zapier to specify the event ID each time. It would be simpler to delete the event manually.  What am I missing here? 

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You’d map the GCal Event ID variable between Zaps steps which makes that a dynamic value.


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In order to use this method, I would have to authorize Google API which takes 4-6 weeks?  It seems like this ought to be possible to do without jumping through these kinds of hoops. I essentially want to move calendar events from one calendar to another. 

Also, does this entail a multi-step Zap? 

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Most Zap app integrations don’t expose their destructive endpoints. (e.g. GCal - Delete Event) as those could easily be misused in automations and cause data loss.

That is why the app API usually has to be used for those actions.


In order to use this method, I would have to authorize Google API which takes 4-6 weeks?


The GCal - API Request uses the authentication for the GCal account you already have connected to Zapier.

You just have to configure the API request to perform the desired action.