Can I create a ZapBot that can read a Zapier Table and provide output?

  • 14 August 2023
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I’m experimenting with ZapBots and I was wondering if I can create a ZapBot that can read a Zapier Table, search it for the ZapBot input and then output information from the table based on the logic? 




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4 replies

I would like to know if this could work as well. 

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Hey there, @luisjbdouglas and @SteveS! 👋

Is it that you’re looking to use AI to generate content based on the information in a table and have it output that within the table itself?

If so, you could potentially use an AI field for that. It’s possible to link Zaps to AI fields so you could also send the generated content to another app. You can learn more about AI fields here: Generate content with AI Fields in Zapier Tables

Alternatively, is it more that you’re wanting the information within a table to be used by a Zapier Interfaces Chatbot in a conversation? 

If so, you may need a way of selecting the table as the data source. Currently folks on an Interfaces Premium or Advanced plan have the ability to add a data source but it’s limited to .txt, .csv, .json, .pdf, .doc and .docx files only. I couldn’t see any existing feature requests open for the ability to allow a chatbot to use a table as a data source. So you’ll want to reach out to the Interfaces team directly to get a feature request submitted for this. 

Hope that helps. If I’ve completely misunderstood what you’re wanting to do here or you have any further questions just let us know! 

No, just looking to read the data already in a table and use it in a Zap or something else. 

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I’m so sorry for missing your reply here, @SteveS!

Thanks for clarifying that. In that case, your best bet will be to reach out to the Interfaces team about this. They’ll be able to open up a feature request for the ability to allow a Chatbot component to use a Zapier table as the data source so that it can read the data in it.

You can contact them here:

Hope that helps! 🙂