Can I create a color-coded weekly event list with better readability for social media for new Skedda bookings?

Good morning everyone,


I am just starting on here so please forgive me if these come across as trivial questions.

We currently use Skedda as our booking platform for our community centre.

I would like to publish our weekly bookings onto a TV screen on the centre (I have linked Skedda to google calendar but they are all the same colour and bookings are over lapping as we have mulitple rooms being booked at the same time so it is really confusing)

I would also create a weekly list of events so I can post this on social media. This would include the users date, time and contact details on a PDF or something else I havent thought about.

Are both of these possible?


I am hoping the community can help



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Hey there @Saintfield CC, before we jump in, I want to be sure I’ve got a solid understanding of your request. 

For your first use case, you are looking to set up a Zap that connects Skedda to Google Calendar to reflect on a TV screen. Can I ask how the information from GCal is reflecting on the TV, is this through input connection (i.e. HDMI cable) or is it through another endpoint application? 

For the second use case, my initial thought is that there are not any blockers for this, though I would need a better understanding on the apps you have in mind for this. Are you shopping around and open to recommendations for this or do you have your mind set on a few? 

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Hey Chanelle,

Thanks for replying.

I am an blank canvas in terms of requirements (conscious about costs as we are a charity) as I don’t know what is out there. I have attached an image of what our google calendar looks like currently but it is too confusing as the bookings for different rooms overlap, they are all the same colour and it isn't clear which room is holding which activity.

It will be displayed in the centre using a HDMI cable onto a large monitor.

The second one, I am not sure where to start. I just need a way to automate a weekly list of all the users on Skedda that will provide me a date, time, description of the class and their contact details. 


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Hi @Saintfield CC , looks like what you may want to look into first is changing some settings in your google calendar to make those event types stand out. 


There is a helpful suggestion on this site that walks you through how to create a new calendar in your Google Cal setup which would assign it a different color (perhaps by room) and make it easier to view:


For the Zapier side of things, you could assign different calendar types through Skedda to a specific calendar via an automation, which you can find a bit more about here: 

Let me know if either of those suggestions are a good starting place and we’re happy to keep helping you work your way through a good solution!