Can case notes be left in a Filevine Project from a WhatsApp Message using Zapier automation?

  • 10 July 2024
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Filevine is able to route text messages sent from a client to their Filevine project, and vice versa - when the client texts the business number, their text message is automatically entered into their case.  

Because we have so many overseas clients that use WhatsApp, we were wondering if there was a way to use WhatsApp (or 2Chat) with a business WhatsApp number so that if a client sends a message on WhatsApp from their contact phone number, the message is routed to their project (and vice versa - if we send a message in Whatsapp from our number to their Whatsapp account, it is also recorded in their project).    

The ultimate goal is to have a single Business WhatsApp number, and if a client sends a text message OR a message in WhatsApp to our WhatsApp business number, the message finds the project associated with the sender’s name and phone number and records it as a case note.  

As of yet, there is no function in Zapier to use with Filevine - is this just not possible?  Any recommended solutions?

API v2 Documentation (

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Hi @LawyerIT 

WhatsApp Messenger is not an available Zap app:

WhatsApp Notifications only has 1 action available:


Zap app available triggers/actions…