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Can a zap wait for a google drive file to be created before continuing

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The workflow (ideally!) is this:

• Zap triggered to create a text dataset

• This dataset is then used by an employee to manually create a jpeg on google drive

• Ideally, the same zap would watch for that file being created before continuing various other actions related to the file

Is this possible?






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Hi @ETBrain 

Here is a process you can follow:

  • Add a delay action (add the amount of time you think your employee will take to create the JPEG file) then make then fill out the file ID in a google sheet. 
  • Add a google sheet search step that’ll find that ID by searching corresponding value (I used fetchthis)

You can also use 2 zaps to complete this, but, I assume you want to get this done using one zap only.




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Hi @robschmidt 


Thanks for your suggestion.  The issue I see with this solution is the arbitrary delay.  Once the jpeg is created, the employee will immediately need those next actions triggered as waiting around would be problematic to their workflow. (or they may wait too long to create the jpeg and miss the boat!)


With the 2 zaps solution, the 2nd zap wouldn’t have access to the various data available to the first zap right? (ie data from the Process Street checklist that was the original trigger)?

Or is there a way to transfer that info to the second zap without having to dump it into a google sheet first?  







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Hi @ETBrain,

You are correct the second zap would not have the same data. To solve this you could use airtable (Better solution than gsheets) and store the data points there. And in the second zap, look up the record, grab the data points, and continue with the zap.


Hope this helps.

Happy Zapping! 🤓