Can a new Asana task generate an email in Outlook?

Hello! I am looking for a solution for communicating with project requestors that are NOT in Asana. I have searched on and the forums but, can’t figure out if the Asana/Outlook offering would deliver this. Here is my ideal workflow:

  1. Request is submitted through an Asana Form.
  2. Once the request is received in Asana an email is generated in Outlook and sent to the requestor from our team Outlook in box.
  3. The subject of the email would be the name of the task from the Asana Form.
  4. The body of the email would include the information on the request from the Asana form and any attachments that were added to the form.
  5. Outcome - The email would serve as the communication connection between my team and the requestor.

Asana offers a confirmation receipt email feature in their forms but, the subject line of the email is generic making it hard to differentiate requests. The Asana confirmation is also sent from a “no-reply-Asana” email address.

Any insight on the ability to do this with the Asana/Outlook offering from Zapier would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @commprojects 

Try this…


  1. Trigger: Asana - New Task in Project
  2. Action: Outlook - Send Email

@Troy Tessalone Thank you so much! Do you know if this connection can deliver on items 2 - 4 I listed above? If not, it won’t be useful.


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Yes, that’s doable.

I suggest trying to configure the Zap so you can see what data points are available from the trigger step (Asana) to be mapped to the action step (Outlook).

TIP: When in doubt, test it out!

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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?