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Call a Zap programmatically

  • 8 May 2020
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Is it possible to invoke a zap via a rest endpoint? I want to create a Zap that looks up a record in Salesforce but have it invoked from a lambda function that I’ll create.

From what I can tell Zapier doesn't have API endpoints for consumers, only partners, but maybe I’m wrong?


Best answer by ikbelkirasan 8 May 2020, 19:39

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Hey! Yep - This is possible - Take a look at the Webhooks options here:



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Thanks @Saastronomical I did notice the webhooks functionality after posting my question but I don’t think it’ll work for my usecase. I’m trying to front the Salesforce app and will be passing PII data so having an endpoint that’s open to the world and unauthenticated wouldn’t be right. 

Are webhooks the only way? I.e. is there any authenticated manner to invoke a zap programmatically? Thanks again.

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@acriblet - You could check if the request is authenticated by adding a filter step after the webhook trigger step and check for a secret to validate the request and only continue if it’s valid. Another option would be to handle this webhook + filter combination with a custom Zapier app.

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That’s an interesting idea @ikbelkirasan, applying the filter step after the webhook. Let me give that a try now and see….thank you!