Calendly to Pipedrive (creating a deal and a person to deal)

  • 1 April 2020
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Hi there, how are you?


New on Zapier and creating my first zaps…


I am currenly working with Calendly now, and once an event is created I would like to create a deal on PipeDrive, and a person related to this deal. (usually events attrack new people).


So here is the problem. Once the event is created, the deal goes correctly to PipeDrive but not the person, Pipedrive is taking other persons and relating those persons to that new lead created.


So what I have is one deal and one person created but not related. I must be doing something wrong for sure, but what? :P






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2 replies

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Hi @Mireia Zania 

In step 3, on the “Person” dropdown, have you been sure to select ‘Custom’ and map the ‘ID’ field from step 2 where you created the person?

If you don’t Pipedrive will assign the deal to a default person.

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Hey @Mireia Zania,

We just wanted to check in here! Were you able to try Andrew’s suggestion of selecting ‘Custom’ and map the ‘ID’ field from step 2 where you created the person? It would be helpful to see a screenshot of that step if you’re still running into issues - we want to make sure you’re good to go here!