Breakdown orders (Woocommerce) for multiple suppliers (Shopify)

  • 10 January 2023
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Hi everyone,


I’m running an online store with multiple brands.


My CMS is Woocommerce and I use Zapier to create orders in my partners’ Shopify .


Everything runs smoothly when customers order from one and only partners.


But if someone orders product A (sold by Company 1) and product B (sold by company 2), I create an order for each partner with the 2 products.


Yet, Company 1 doesn't want to see product B in their dashboard for it's not one of their products.


Is it possible to "break down" the initial order so I can filter out one of the products (thanks to SKUs for example) in each dedicated zap ?


(Sorry for my terrible English. I'm trying my best to be as understandable as possible.)


Looking forward to hearing from you guys :)

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1 reply

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Great question @RiverFlaws! 🙂

You could use a Filter to check whether the product was found by a search action in the Zap. This would allow the Zap to only carry out the subsequent actions in the Zap if a product is found. But as you’re looking to check multiple products it might be better to add a Looping by Zapier action to run through and search each product in Shopify.

It doesn’t look like there’s a way to search products by SKU specifically. The current options are Find Product by Title and Find Product Variant by Title. Would those work for you or do the product titles differ between WooCommerce and your partner’s Shopify stores? If they differ, you may need to create a lookup table to store the title of the product in your WooCommerce store and its corresponding title in the partner’s Shopify store so the Zap can search for the right product. 

Hopefully this info helps to get you started on this. Please keep us updated on how you’re getting on!