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Bitly returns not found

  • 28 October 2020
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Hi there, 

I’d like to send to myself an email notification when a bitly link is viewed. Is this possible when the current triggers integration?  


I’m using the “New Referring Domain” as the trigger even in the zap, but this returns me a “NOT_FOUND”, and I’ve double check that I have referring domains in my bitly account. Am I doing something wrong? 


Appreciate some help


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The two triggers on domain and URL don’t quite meet your criteria, because for both, they’ll only trigger when a new domain/URL is found, so it won’t cover every click. 


What you can do instead is create a webhook to be notified when  a link is clicked. You can see the documentation for this here:

You can learn how to set up a webhook URL in Zapier here:

Effectively, the steps to handle this are:


  1. Set up zapier webhook in Zapioer
  2. Login to bitly, and enter the URL you created in step 1 when creating a webhook
  3. Test and you should see it work

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Hi Andy, 


That makes sense. I didn't know how to go about setting up the trigger but the webhook part seems the right way to do. 


Thanks for your quick reply, I'll play around with it later on today :)