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BigCommerce needs more event from Zapier

  • 20 December 2022
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Sucks that I cannot get help from Zapier through chat, so I will post to community in forlorn hope that a Zapier person will take this feature request.

There MUST be more event possibilities available in the BigCommerce API than the TWO that Zapier has implemented.

I want to notify my sales team about a login to our store, about a cart getting abandoned, about a cart getting created...these are INTERESTING events that would present me with customer service opportunities. Yet, they appear to be impossible with the limited BigCommerce integration from Zapier. Am I wrong?


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Hi @TedH 

Good question.

FYI: Most apps on Zapier are built and maintained by the app developers themselves.

Generally only the most popular/common webhook events and API endpoints are built out as part of a Zap app integration.


Feedback and feature requests can be submitted via a ticket to Zapier Support to get logged:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app:



Check out these BC Webhook help topics:

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Hey there, @TedH! Thanks so much for reaching out and sharing your candid feedback with us. 

I’m sorry to hear you were having trouble reaching the team! I wasn’t able to see an open ticket with support - was it by chance using a different email address? The reason I ask is, we absolutely hear you and you have a ton a great ideas! The best way to account for them is opening a ticket with support. They’ll be able to add your vote to any open feature requests for BigCommerce and potentially create new ones for those that don’t exist yet. It doesn’t guarantee they’ll be implemented but it’s the best way to stay in the loop if and when they are. 🙂

It’s also worth mentioning the BigCommerce integration is owned and maintained by their team. So while we’re always happy to pass along feedback, ultimately which feature requests are implemented is up to BigCommerce.

That said, in addition to reaching out to my friends in support I’d also recommend sharing your ideas directly with them! Sometimes it helps to hear some of the ways their users envision using their product. 💭

In addition, as Troy mentioned, you could potentially use their API and Webhooks by Zapier if you’re comfortable! Here’s a few resources to get you started if you’d like to give that a shot:

Keep in mind, Webhooks are considered a slightly advanced approach so support around this can be limited. Of course you can always go the route of hiring a Zapier Expert to build this if you’d rather not fuss!

I imagine this isn’t the news you were hoping for but I hope the context helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions - we’re always happy to lend a hand.