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Best way to have google sheet notify when row is complete?

  • 31 July 2020
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I do e-Commerce and frequently have new listings to be created. I created a data entry sheet for Product Managers to fill out with data needed to create new product listings. I’ve created a column that allows the product manager to mark it as “DONE”. 

I am trying to figure out what is the best way to notify my virtual assistants that the data has been entered by the product manager and is ready to create a listing. I ideally want to use Asana as the “notifier”, but I want it to pull SKU information from the google sheet to create a new Asana task. 

So ideally I would want it to look like this, my google sheet has a column called “send to uploader”. The product manager will click from the drop down “yes”. I want the ‘yes’ or change in the column to trigger a zap to send to asana as a new task and it will pull from my google sheet the SKU and create a task on Asana that says “SKU - ready to upload”

I am getting stuck in the google sheet trigger. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Or have a better suggestion?


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Hi @eveeeyewear 


If you use the Google Sheet zap with the trigger “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row” to trigger the zap.

Then have a task “Filter by Zapier”


Chhose your column with your yes/no value (or whatever you decide to use) and select the valid answer.

The move on to your Asana task.

The filter will only progress into Asana if the filter is true.

So you Product managers can construct the row and the zap only progresses when the mark it and ready.


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Thanks so much for the help, David! It worked! 

Do you know how I can pull certain data from the google sheet row to input into my Asana task? 

Because right now, I have the trigger be a “new google sheet row” and then once the column with the yes/no value will trigger the Asana task. How do I have zapier pull the data from that row and put it into the new Asana task?

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You’ll need to change the trigger to “New or Updated Row”

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The trigger to use would be “New or Updated Spreadsheet Row”


On the Asana side, use “Find or Create Project” if the project has not been created or “Find or Create Task” if the project and task exists.

When you start getting into this, having a clear workflow that everyone sticks to is very helpful.