Best way to handle single and subscription-based purchases to enrol users in Thinkific?

  • 15 February 2021
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Hello Zapier community, 

I am in a need of finding a solution to the following issue: 

  1st Issue: We are located in Germany and our customers need to be able to pay via SEPA Direct Debit, which Stripe offers, but the version of Stripe Thinkific uses does not allow it. The customers are only able to checkout with credit card. 

  2nd issue: We have 2 types of products on our platform. 1. Single courses, 2. Bundles, which consist of several single courses made into a “subscription-based” product.

For Single courses the customer is able to pay with Stripe (only cc) and PayPal. 
For Bundles the customer can only pay with Stripe (only cc)

When considering external Payment Solution, we need to make sure that the users get enrolled automatically in Thinktific, are being notified of the course and login details and that if they choose the Bundles they are being charged in different time intervals, each 1 month/3month/12months. 

We tried using the recommended solution from Thinkific on integrating PayPal via Zapier but this solution doesn’t work for us because: 
1. We still cannot offer SEPA DD
2. The PayPal widget is a separate <form> container and it doesn’t blend into the theme and style of the Brand. It also has to be a separate section on the page, so it doesn’t look professional. Also we are not 100% sure if this is solving the issue of subscription-based products. 

Could you direct us into the most recommended, seamless integration option with Zapier
Thinkific suggests and External Checkout Page like quaderno or shopify. How would then Zapier help us to automate the enrollment process and unenrollment. 

We could also hire someone who is familiar with the Thinktific and could do this for us. 

Thank you very much for your help! 


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3 replies

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Hi @Tanja!


Thanks for laying out your workflow so clearly! It sounds like you have a lot of things to consider here, so you may need to hire someone to take a look at this with you. You can post your information in the Hire a Pro section to let folks know that you have a potential project. 

Thank you @Danvers. I will do that! 

Btw for people who are in a similar situation in the future. 

We have tested Quaderno external checkout. They offer PayPal and Credit Cards for “subscription” based plans in thinkific. We enroll a user via Zapier on Successful Checkout and that leads the user to specific bundle. In Zapier we use a filter option for enrolling the user to the right product. 

Problems to consider with that flow: 

  1. On a successful checkout in Quaderno, the thinkific trigger called “enroll a user”, creates a user and assigns to him the right course, however, that user will have no possibility of cancelling his bundle/course in thinkific. They can cancel their payment but will see “No orders” in their account. And that sucks
  2. Quaderno doesn’t offer SEPA Direct Debit directly in the checkout. You have to create a separate LINK in Quaderno to link users to SEPA DD. 

Hello, thanks for explaining it so good. Did you get it solved? We are looking for the same.