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Batch Email - How to use looping to show fields/records from two tables in an email. - Airtable

  • 4 April 2021
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Looking for some guidance on how to use Zapier Looping to send an email that will be specific to each  customer and include the detail of their orders in the email.


I have two tables:  (I’m using AirTable)

  1. Customers Table
     -  Name
     - Email
     - Phone
    - Orders (Linked Field to Orders Table)
  2. Orders Table 
    -  Order #
    -  Order Date
    -  Product
    -  Price
    -  Customer  (Linked Field to Customers Table)

The Zap should iterate through each customer (I’ve got this working), but also include the linked records for orders in the body of the email.


Example Email:

Dear {Customer}

Here is your order summary for the {Total count of Orders} orders you placed with us for the month ending {End of Month}.


{List of Orders for the customer}

Order #, Order Date, Product, Price, etc…

Order #, Order Date, Product, Price, etc…

Order #, Order Date, Product, Price, etc...


Thank you for your business,
{The Company}


MY ZAP Steps

  1. Schedule Run on 1st of Month  {Working}
  2. Find Records in Airtable that match orders from previous month.  { Working}
  3. LOOP Step
    1. Loop through each customer   {Working}
    2. Find Orders from Order table   {find is working, just can’t figure out how to display the list of orders properly in the email.
  4. Send Email

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.






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Hi @itsonlycomputers 

I recently did a similar execution for a client.


  1. You may have to use 2 separate Zaps or a Sub-Zap ( within a Zap since you are doing 2 loops with the data
    1. 1 loop for the customers
    2. 1 loop for the customer orders
  2. Try using a Digest to append entry (formatted as you want) then release:
  3. You may have to add a Delay After Queue step to handle Airtable API limits (if applicable) as well as the ensure the Digest processes as expected:
  4. Make sure to handle the deduping of customer for a given month.
  5. For finding the Customers and Orders, are you using the Airtable API to return multiple records?
    1. NOTE: The Airtable Find Record search will only return 1 record.
  6. Are you sending your email as HTML?
  7. What app are you using to send your email? (e.g. Gmail, Mailchimp, Email by Zapier)


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Thanks @Troy Tessalone ,  I need to step back and review your suggestions. At this point, having a tough time getting my head around the concepts you suggested (sub-zaps, digest).  Also, not sure how to use the API to find records. As I working on this earlier, I noticed I was only getting one record back using the Airtable Find Record and was curious as to why.

I will be sending HTML email and using Outlook and the sender.  I’m sure I’ll be back with many more questions.   

Since you’ve already done this, I’d be interested in the cost to reproduce for my needs or a video of how it's done.  




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Just checking in to see if you still need help with this?