Badger Mapping to Zendesk Sell


I’ve commenced creating a number of zaps between these two products.

I have successfully used a zap to create an account in Badger triggered from a Create Company action in Sell.

Now, I want Badger Check-ins to create a note in Sell, however I can’t see a way to map the corresponding account. The Badger “Account” ID and Sell “Company” ID are not the same, and the account name is not available as a field to map.

Adding an account search in Sell step didn’t work either. Anyone done this already? Zapier newbie here so I’m probably missing something obvious.

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Hey there, @TeamNZ! Thanks for reaching out and welcome to the Community!
We definitely want to help! Do you mind sharing some screenshots of your current zap setup? It might help the Community troubleshoot. 🤗 Thanks so much and looking forward to digging into this with ya.

Hi @christina.d ,

Here are a few screenshots with a few notes.

  • This is the basic flow overview
  • Using the Badger new check-in trigger
  •  This is my failed attempt to associate the Badger Check-in with a Zendesk Sell account (Company). Note the Badger ID is unknown to Zendesk Sell and the Badger Check-in doesn't have a Company Name tag.


  • Screenshot confirming no Company Name tag/field


  •  Zendesk action. Fails as there is no Company ID relationship between Badger and Sell. Account Name would have been perfect, as we have Sell as the Customer master and use a zap to create new accounts in Badger.


I hope this help!