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Badge not awarded in Badgr when Mighty Networks course completed

  • 11 August 2021
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Hi all,

I am very new to this, and I have looked around for an answer but couldn’t find anything. So I am attempting to use Zapier to connect Mighty Networks and Badgr.

Specifically, when participants in my Mighty Networks Course complete the course I would like to automatically award them a Badge in Badgr. In the long run, I would like to award Badges for the completion of different steps within a course, but I am not sure if that is possible either. But for now, just award a Badge for over all completion will work.

I setup a flow for this, and the tests all work within Zapier, but when a user completed the course within Mighty Networks the badge wasn’t awarded in Badgr.

Just for clarity, broken down piece by piece, what I want to happen is:

Step 1: User completes Course in Mighty Networks

Step 2: Zapier is triggered by MN

Step 3: Zapier tells Badgr to award the related Badge

Step 4: Badgr awards that specific user with the related Badge

Sorry if that is over simplified, but I am trying to be clear. Right now it is setup to do this, and tests work (the awards even show up on my end of Badgr), but the user testing this within MN and Badgr for me completed the course but was not awarded the Badge in Badgr.

Any thoughts or suggestions anyone has are very welcome.



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Hi @SRemingWACPgh 

First of all, can you go ahead and check the Zap history? This way you will identify whether the person went through the automation or not. If the person didn’t go through, then you need to check your trigger and adjust the configuration for trigger.

You can provide a few screenshots of your set up and history for us to understand this better.

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Thanks for the response! I kept working away at it and it seems to be fixed now. The recipients e-mail wasn’t included in the Action, so it couldn’t send it, and so there was no Zap History to show. I entered the e-mail manually, which fixed it, but now I am wondering if there is a way for it to pull the e-mail from Mighty Networks, or will I need to add the e-mail of each participant manually?

Thanks again, the original issue is “fixed”, now I’m hoping to have it more automated than that.