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  • 13 February 2023
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So i have clients boards on and the way it is formulated is that each client has a board in this format “Client code creative board” inside the board there are several groups, one of them is ongoing projects, each item is a new project and the tasks within the project are subitems. There are two automations im trying to set up but im failing miserably so i could really use help. i have been at this for 4 hours now with no luck.


First automation:

I am trying that when the subitem status changes to Mgmt review then it would send to a specific private channel on slack “hey please review this “board name” “item name” “subitem name” “” “

what im using is the flow:
trigger: any column value changes and the board: subitems of client code of creative board

Filter: subitem status is mgmt review

Action: get item by column value, board id: client code creative board, column: status
Action: get board values
Action: slack , send message to private channel

The issue is in the private channel, i cant seem to be able to find the fields i need to add i mentioned above



Second automation:
each item in the ongoing projects board has the same 3 tasks which are thumbnail, script, and video. I need when the status changes for script for example to anything that is not project queue or done, then it would update the main item status to scripting and the subitem task video changes to anything that is not project queue or done then it would change the main item status to filming instead of scripting, the tasks dont happen in the same time so that wouldnt be a problem.



I would really appreciate the help from anyone, thank you 

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3 replies

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Hi there @Tuqa & welcome to the Community! 😊

Thanks for the info you’ve supplied here. Can you snag some screenshots of your workflow configuration to share with us? This will help us dig deeper and see what might be going on!

Hey @liz so I have added the screenshots so i thought i had figured it out because testing wise it worked but then it wouldnt work as a published zap, i looked more into it and discovered it was pulling the item name of new project which is an item in the group ready to post with subitems status done so it ignored the filter i set earlier in the zap and used diff data for testing. the items that have subitem tasks that would have the status mgmt review that i want to send the notification to slack when the subitem status changes to it is in the group ongoing projects as shown in the screenshot below

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Hey there, @Tuqa! Thanks for reaching out and sharing those screenshots. It sounds like you almost have this working!

To make sure I understand correctly it sounds like it’s also triggering off the group “Ready to Post” when you want it to trigger only on the “Client Code Ongoing Projects” - is that right?

I wonder if you could add another filter so it’s only triggering off that specific group name? Do you think that could work?

Keep us posted!