Automating email data gathering

  • 10 November 2022
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Hello guys!

I'm new to Zapier so please forgive my newbie question.

I receive autogenerated emails that include Invoices and in the body of this emails are the company name and total value/vost. I would like to this:

Copy specific parts of the body of the email (cost, company name, invoice number, etc) all to different rows of a excel spreadsheet.

All the emails are formatted the same way, so it will be a easy to set a standard once I now how to program it.

Here is an example for bette understanding.


DOCUMENT NUMBER.          : 0000006880 DATE                      : 09/11/2022 INVOICE AMOUNT.           : 236.572,00 CLIENT NAME.              : CONFIDENTIALCITY.                     : NEW YORK Nº PV / CONTRACT          : 0000019265 / PO 40370/22 REPRESENTATIVE            : BLUE TRADING  



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2 replies

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Hey @brunoseibert ,


If the email format will be same for all email than You can extract data easily by using Parser by Zapier. If you know coding, than you can also use Code by Zapier

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Hey @brunoseibert! In addition to Jay’s suggestion, Mailparser is another excellent solution to consider. It’s a bit more robust than our in-house Email Parser and much easier to use than Code. 

Let us know which solution ends up working for you! 🙂