Automating bookings from online agencies

  • 13 February 2024
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First of all I would like to thank anybody who would be able to take the time to support me, as I am a new user and my questions may sound a bit basic. 

I run a cooking class business and I receive booking from different online agencies, such as Klook, Get your guide, Viator... Each of those agencies sending me emails when I have a booking and each agencies having their own templates. 

What I am trying to achieve is to be able:

- to automatically create an event in my shared calendar when I receive a booking (I use Teamup but I could use Google Calendar if that helps).

- to automatically delete an event when I receive a cancellation from the agencies. 

What I did so far was to take the first agency, creating a mailbox with an email adress of Email Parser, define my template with the booking message used by this agency to create the fields, and create my Zap. 

The questions I have is:

- shall I create one different mailbox (so forward my booking confirmation to a different mailbox on Email Parser) for each of the agency I worked with or would Email Parser be smart enough to recognise each different templates used by different agency if I use only one mailbox to forward all booking confirmations to? 

- when I receive booking cancellations I should create a new zap since the action will be different, as I should delete a record. Same question: is it possible to do this or not, and shall I create one mailbox to handle each cancellations template for each of my online agencies? 

If there are easier ways to handle this and Email Parser is not the way out, I am opened to any other suggestions since I am more interested by the outcome than the way to get it. Very opened to smart minds! 




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2 replies

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Good day Fed


Regarding you first question I would suggest making different templates for the different agencies as Email parser can be very sensitive to different formats/ styles of emails. It does of course depend on the situation but unless they are very similar (such as all starting with a greeting, all having the date and times in the beginning of the first paragraph, etc.) it could lead to some issues.

For the second question in my experience i find 2 different zaps to be the better option because it makes troubleshooting issues and checking zap history if something does not work a bit easier especially if you are new to Zapier. Alternatively you could use Zapier paths to complete both actions in the same zap. 

Some resources if you want to go through when making you zap:

Filters and Paths by Zapier

Email Parser by Zapier - Integration Help, Tutorials & Support | Zapier



Thanks, when you say do different emails it means that for each agency I need a different mailbox to send the email to? So if I have 5 agencies I need 5 mailbox adresses for the bookings and 5 for the cancellations?