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Automatic Contact Creation in Jobnimbus from WordPress Data Capture Form

  • 25 May 2020
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I want my contacts automatically entered into Jobnimbus when the client fills out the service request form on my website.  I have been asking for it but haven’t seen the way to do it. It makes no sense to enter the data into Jobnimbus. I want to eliminate this step.  Can someone help please?

I would also like to post my completed job photos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and IG when the job is done.  Is there a way to do this?


Best answer by nicksimard 14 July 2020, 01:57

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5 replies

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I can’t see a Jobnimbus public API @LitaB - This might be one to bring up to the Jobnimbus team, as they either need to give you a public API to do this yourself, or they need to include it as part of their Zapier integration

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Hi @LitaB ,

Checking in to see if you were able to set up this workflow with the API or if you were still encountering any issues. Happy to help!

No luck. I have a consultant who was trying to help but he said Jobnimbus said they do not have a way to do it.  If you have any ideas, please let me know because I am seriously falling behind on data entry lately. 

And I thought there was a link between Word Press, JN and Constant Contact but that did not look so promising.  Any help you could provide would be appreciated.

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Hi @LitaB!

For the contact creation, wouldn’t one of these actions work:

As far as I can see, however, there’s no way to get completed job photos from JobNimbus.And I can’t seem to find API docs in order to confirm whether it would be possible to add this to their Zapier integration. Sorry — I wish I had better news for you!