Automatic answer to any message saved in Slack

  • 29 January 2022
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Any time I save a message in slack (from any channel, private conversation or thread), I would like to automatically answer “I’ll get back to you soon” to that message in a thread, so the sender of the message knows I’ve read his message.

Is this possible to do with Zapier? 

6 replies

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Hi @tidyzilla 

Have you tried using this Zap trigger: Slack - New Saved Message


Yes, for the trigger I’m good. I indeed use that one. It’s for the action that don’t know how to do it (if possible). What confuses me is that there is an action to post a message in a specific slack channel, and another one to send a message in a private conversation. But what I need is to answer  to a message, no matter if it has been posted in a channel or private conversation.

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Hi @tidyzilla 

Here’s what you can do to configure the Zap steps that will work for either Public/Private Slack Channels…

Use the “Send Channel Message” (this will work for Private Channels too)

Map the Channel ID from the Zap trigger step.

Map the TS (timestamp) from the Zap trigger step:


Thanks @Troy Tessalone. Just to be sure I understand it correctly, by doing this, it is supposed to work for:

  • For private and public channel
  • and also for private conversations (“Direct messages”) ?

By testing what you suggest, it seems to only work on private/public channels, but not private conversations.

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The proposed solution will only work for private/public channels, not DM.

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Hey @tidyzilla I wanted to check in to see how you’re making out here! I wanted to add that if the “Saved Message” trigger was give you a Slack user ID, you might be able to set up a separate Zap (or Path, if you plan allows for it) to address the DM-focused part of your workflow. Does that come across for you in the trigger data?

If so, let’s keep working on this! If not, then I am afraid Troy’s response is correct in that a DM reply to a saved message won’t be possible. Let us know!