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Automated video insertion into the site section

  • 11 August 2020
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Hello everyone, I'm looking for solutions for my site to automate the future process. The process consists in the fact that during any sporting event different actions take place (red cards, penalties, pauses in the match), and I would like that during such an event, when the operator clicks (let's call this participant in the process an operator), a video from the last 15 seconds and a note, depending on the type of event. Do you think the Zapier can cope with this task?


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4 replies

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@tremtone Zapier might be able to cope with such a task, but that all depends on the video tool you are using. You’d have to start there. 


Is this a live event, where the video is being captured live? Or is the operator watching a video on a platform? 


What platform is the video being streamed to and or which platform is the user watching the video on? Does that platform have an API or an integration with Zapier?  You could start here with the 27 video and audio apps that have a public integration with Zapier. There are other video apps that can be integrated, but it all depends on that app’s capabilities. 



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Thanks for the answer!
This is a live captured, we can configure the API.

This is how I imagine the logic of the process:
-we transfer the broadcast to hitachivantara(video intelligence), which processes events on the field through AI
- during one of the event triggers, he sends a command to Zapier via the API
-zapier cuts the video and sends it to YouTube(like here), takes a link from YouTube and publishes it on our website with a comment (minute, players associated with the event, event)

From what I read, it seems to me that this is real, what do you think?

Of course, I'm asking about the part that Zapier is responsible for in this way

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@tremtone this is doable. 

The Zapier part would simply be a zap with a webhook as a trigger (catch a webhook) and youtube upload file as the next step. 


As to how to publish to your site, that depends on what CMS your site is running and how Zapier can interact with that CMS, but assuming it’s wordpress you can create a post from a zap as the next step using the output from youtube and the webhook in your post. 

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The developer also offered us this version, now the first tests are being carried out.


Thank you all for your participation.