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Automate Spotify Monthly Playlists

  • 2 January 2022
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I want to create a Zap that adds my liked songs into a playlist for that month. It would be triggered whenever I like a new song and then adds that song to a playlist named for the month (i.e. Jan 2022).

My current Zap is triggered by liking a song and then adds it to a specific playlist I choose. This means every month I have to manually change the playlist the songs are added to.

I would like to be able to search if a playlist for the month already exists and if so add it to that. If a playlist for the month doesn’t exist to then create a new one.

Zapier only appears to have the ability to create a playlist or add to a specific one. I don’t have the ability to search if a playlist for a certain name exists. Zapier also is only able to add to playlists based on playlist ID (a random string unique to each playlist) which makes it impossible to use a variable for the playlist name.

Is there a possible workaround to my issue or a way to implement more Spotify support?


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Hi @natem 

Try using a Lookup Table in your Zap:


For extended capabilities, you’d likely have to use the Spotify API:


App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app as an action step:

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Hey @natem! Finding a playlist, artist, track, or album isn’t possible through Zapier at the moment but we do have an open feature request for this kind of search action. I’ve gone ahead and added your email address as a vote for this so if/when it gets added, you’ll be notified right away. If we have any updates, we’ll follow-up on this thread as well. 🙂

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Hi folks! 👋

Just wanted to stop by here to share that the ability to search for a playlist, artist, track or album has now been added. In the latest release of Spotify app on Zapier there’s now a Search for Item action that will allow you to search for an album, artist, playlist, track, show or episode! 😁🎉 

In case you missed the email notification that was sent out about this, here’s the main information from it:

“Great news! An updated Spotify version has been released with that functionality. In order to get access to this new functionality, you’ll need to update your Spotify Zap steps, or create new Zaps. If updating a step, you can now do that in-line using the Update button located in the App & event sub-page of your Spotify step in the Zap Editor. See more details here.

Please do reach back out in the Community if you run into any issues with that search action. In the meantime, happy Zapping! ⚡