Automate google sheets data with paths

  • 23 September 2021
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Hello, So I have built many zaps before using the path function in another account. I'll explain what I was trying to automate in the past and what i'm stuck on now.

Before, I needed customers who filled out a form and typed in their zip code that went through sheets to go to a specific campaign and account in High Level depending on their zip. Last time I did this I had about 6 cities and each city had about 20-50 zip codes. This took forever to setup each zip code under the path function when pulling them from google sheets and it was kind of buggy at times because it had to check every zip code when every lead came through and then send us an error message if it didn’t recognize a zip that was typed in. All in all it worked.

My situation now is exactly the same use case, but I have an account that we're wanting to check 2,000 zip codes in one of the cities to see if the lead is in that zip code. Is there a better alternative to achieve this without the grueling process of adding each one as a path since It seems like that specific function doesn't scale.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Hi @garrettb34

You can use a GSheet or Airtable as a Lookup Table (instead of Filters/Paths) to make the Zap dynamic.

Formatter > Utilities > Lookup Table uses this same concept but isn’t ideal for large lists: