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Automate Dropshipping Order Fulfillment

  • 30 September 2022
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I am developing an apparel store on WooCommerce that will be placing orders with multiple suppliers for dropshipping. These suppliers are not conventional dropshipping suppliers, as in they do not openly advertise and do not have preset integrations. I require automation that will allow order information to be captured from each order and sent to the relevant supplier. Bolded parts indicate required automation:


1. An order is placed for a product through WooCommerce

2. Order information such as product, color, and size, as well as customer's delivery information is captured from order.

3. Order information is sent to relevant supplier. This will most likely need to be done through email.

4.  Supplier sends tracking information to me about order. Tracking information needs to be sent to customer from email template.


There are also select circumstances when a package needs to be sent to a distribution center first, then sent to the customer. The process would be the same in this situation, however the supplier by default knows to send the package to the distribution center. The customer's address needs to be sent to the distribution center so that they can mail the package to the customer.

I realize this is a very complex automation. I am open to using additional apps as necessary. I appreciate any support this receives.


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Hi @Mfox15!

Each piece of this is possible in Zapier, but you’ll need to have a play to make sure that the information that you need is being sent in the correct format for each step. 

As a starting point, create a Zap with the WooCommerce trigger ‘Order’. You can decide whether you want the Zap (automation) to start when an order is created, or when an order is paid. That trigger will give you information like the order details and billing address. You can add an email action (eg Gmail Send Email) to the Zap and add all of the information into the body of the email to send to a supplier. 


For number 4 on your list, you’ll likely need to use and email parser to extract the relevant text from the email (the tracking information) to send to the customer. 


In terms of orders that need to be sent to a distribution center, you would need to add a Filter or Path into your Zap, which allow you to set up conditional logic (eg if the order is x, then send to distribution center)


I hope that gets you pointed in the right direction. I’d recommend having a go at putting some Zaps together and seeing which bits you might need some extra help with. One other thing to mention is that you can reach out to certified Zapier Experts, who can help you to build something like this. You can learn more about hiring an expert and finding one that’s right for you on the Experts page.  

Thank you for your reply. I just looked into this and it all makes sense to me. When I am ready I'll give this a try and refer back to this community if I need help with anything. Thank you