Automate Data Extraction from Unstructured Email Replies into Google Sheets Using AI?

  • 17 March 2024
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I am working on a project where we reach out to influencers to inquire about their rates for publications on their social media channels. We receive replies via email, which are often unstructured and contain various pieces of information. For example, a response might say, "Hi, the price for a product highlight in stories on my IGchannel is $200 per post." However, the complexity and format of these replies can vary significantly.


The goal is to automate the extraction of specific data points from these email replies and input them into a Google Sheet in a structured format, such as:

Platform Price Currency
Instagram 200 USD


Current Challenge:

The main issue is the unstructured nature of the email content. While I am considering using Zapier for automation and possibly integrating AI tools like ChatGPT to analyze and categorize the text, the step of processing the unstructured text to extract relevant information is where I need assistance.


  1. Are there existing solutions or workflows within Zapier that integrate AI for parsing and extracting information from unstructured email replies?
  2. What tools or methods can be recommended for accurately extracting information like the platform, price, and currency from diverse email formats?
  3. Is there any guidance on setting up such a workflow or on improving AI's understanding of the varied data presented in the emails?

Any advice or shared experiences with similar challenges would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi @Anton111 

Resources for email parsing: