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Autofill Google Sheets Template from Google Forms

  • 31 August 2022
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Dear forum,

I’m trying to find a way to autofill a template Google Sheet.

The template Google sheet contains a to do list, that needs to be copied into a separate Google Sheet every time someone fills out a Google Form. The to do list itself stays the same, but I’d like to add some info to it that is derived from the filled Google Form.

How can I pull results from the form (or from the responses sheet of the form) into a template Google Sheet containing the to do list?

I can’t seem to figure it out. I hope you can help me find a way.


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5 replies

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Hi @Gemma_KRAGT ,


You can do that by using the step from Google Sheets “Copy Worksheet” and use it to create a new worksheet. After that step you can use the step “Update Spreadsheet Row” and inout the sheet ID you just created, then include the information you need. 

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Dear MohSwellam,

Thank you for your answer. I think the solution that you propose is a manual workaround. I want it to be automatically.

So when the Google Form is filled in (and a row is added to the Repsonses spreadheet) it should also automatically make a new spreadsheet from a template, with information from the new response.

Zapier has these autofill functions for filling in templates of Google Docs and Google Slides with responses from Google Forms, but apparently not for a Google Sheet template (the to do list I’m talking about). I’m looking for a workaround with the same result…



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Hi @Gemma_KRAGT 


Nothing in what Im proposing is manual :) 


The Zap steps will be as follows:

  1. Trigger > Google Forms > New Response
  2. Action > Google Sheets > Copy Worksheet (or Copy Spreadsheet, whichever works for you)
  3. Action > Google Sheets > Update Spreadsheet Row


Please see below screenshots


Hope its clear now


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Sorry for my false accusation, and thank you so much for your explanation!! This worked :). However I split it in two steps (first update spreadsheet row and then copy the spreadsheet), because I use the free version of Zapier….


Thank you!

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Glad to hear this worked for you @Gemma_KRAGT and thanks for sharing how you were able to workaround this on the free plan! 🙂