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Auto-fill a Ometria field if no value supplied by Facebook Lead Ads

  • 3 November 2021
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Hello all


This issue has plagued me for quite sometime now and I wonder if anyone can offer some help:


I have a CRM (Ometria) and Zapier is feeding all the Facebook leads it collects into Ometria.


I need each and every lead to have a country code (GB for Great Britain, NL for Netherlands, DE for Germany etc.)


I managed to half-solve this with the Formatter by Zapier tool. I have a rule in place where by if a customer enters “England” or “Great Britain” Formatter by Zapier reads this and replaces it with the country code: GB before feeding the lead through to Ometria.


The issue I still have though is if a Customer just leaves the field blank. Zapier won’t enter the country code for me.


Does anyone have any solutions to this? 


Many thanks




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Hi @Paulo1988 

Check out this help article for setting default values using the Formatter > Text > Default Value option:

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Hi @Paulo1988 

Depending on what exactly you need, there is a couple ways of solving this issue. 

  1. If you just want the contact to show up in your CRM and do not really care if the Country Code is accurate or not, you could setup a “Default Value” within the Formatter step as mentioned above, by Troy.
  2. If you are needing accurate information on Country Codes then depending on how you collect info on new leads this could be somewhat easy or difficult.
  • A) If you have a “Lead Ad” that points to a form, you should be able to make the field in the form required. This will allow you get the Leads info pretty easily.
  • B) If you don’t use a form then the best potential option would be do some sort of custom integration with FaceBook that is able to retrieve Lead information based on their ID. Granted without looking into the FaceBook API docs, I am not really sure of the limitations/obstacles this option entails. However, I do know from working with FaceBook API in the past it tends to be an intensive build due to the vastness/complexity of functionality that Facebook offers. This means depending on your situation it might not necessarily be the best course of action if you do not absolutely need the Country Codes.

Hope this helps!