Attach Image of an email to Slack Group Message

  • 13 May 2021
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Hello Guys

I know there’s no integration with data studio yet for zappier.
But I need to send a recurrent report of my Data Studio Analysis to a group of people.

For that I’m doing some workarrounds to try and do this

  1. I automated my report to reach my e-mail for a specific time period of several days of the week
  2. Got zappier to identify said e-mail
  3. I Would like to send an image of this e-mail to this slack group
    1. for that I integrated with HTML/CSS for image generation trought this e-mail
    2. However the graphs and contents of the report are not loaded to the generated image.
  4. The message is being sent to the correct slack group.

Does anyone have an alternative so I can finally add this image to the slack group?

I know there’s the attachment option, but it is important that the mesage is simples and visualy accessable

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5 replies

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Hi @RicardoPM 

Can you tell us some more about the email? is all relative data in the html/css of the email or are the reports attached? 

Can you share screenshots of your pain points so we can better understand the data? 



Tim @ Getuwired

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Sure @GetUWired,


so the email report looks like this 



And the Picture the HTML/CSS Data get me is this 

As you can see the report picture is not there/not loading.

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In the first screenshot? is there an attachment to that email or is the image rendered from HTML/CSS? 

I think to get the image to render, you will need to be working with it as an attachment an you will need to use the Attach Image By URL Field or the File field



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Hey @GetUWired I fixed Using this article Idea


With it I was able to send the data to slack separately.

Thanks for your support on this journey.:grin:

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Hi @RicardoPM!

Glad that helped you out — thanks for sharing :)