Assignin Discord Role from Twitch Follow, post action possible?

  • 6 April 2022
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Hey All,

So I found about Zapier, and it’s ability to assign a role, based on if a person follows my twitch and they are in my Discord, but does this Zap only work if they are in my Discord ‘then’ they follow, or does the Zap work post, i.e. if someone has already followed, and they are already in my Discord, but I’m only just setting up the Zap?

Also, does their Discord name have to match their Twitch name exact for it to work?

I tried setting up the Zap as per internet search results, and it doesn’t seem to want to do anything, either due to be set up wrong, or like i ask, it doesn’t work after the fact.

Appreciate any help and thanks in advance.



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3 replies

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Hiya @PJGHangouts! Thanks for reaching out! 

In this case, only Twitch subscribers who follow you after your zap was turned on would be assigned the Discord roles. For existing subscribers you may able to look into Transfer!

Here’s another option from a similar question that could work.

Regarding the username question, I believe you may be able to find users in Discord by their name or username. Here’s a template that could be useful if you’d like to test it out!

I hope some of this helps. 🤗

Thanks for your reply and information, I looked at the ‘Transfer’ and Twitch data pull for the ‘start’ isn’t available as yet, so I filled the details in and provided my email.

I looked at the template, and I’ve set it up, I’ll just have to wait until someone is in my Discord and then follows, hopefully it works, I’m not huge, so it might be a while. :)


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Nah, I believe! 🎉  I’m excited to hear more about your progress, @PJGHangouts!