Article "How to Use Multiple IPNs with PayPal" Only covers half the setup

  • 24 April 2023
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We are setting up several WordPress membership sites with s2 member plugin. It uses IPN.

But Paypal only allows one IPN and one URL for that IPN and ONE return URL using a PDT Token.

Thought maybe Zapier could help.
But the article “How to Use Multiple IPNs with PayPal” does not seem to address that situation - or only explains how to setup PayPal but nothing about the return URL PDT Token To notify s2 member.

Perhaps someone else knows the answer.


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3 replies

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Welcome to the Community, @DeadParrotSoftware! Thanks for joining us! 🙂

I did some looking at the PayPal setup documentation for s2Member and it says the following with regards to multiple sites: “s2Member sets the Auto-Return URL dynamically for each transaction. The result is that the Auto-Return URL configured from within your PayPal account becomes the default which may be overwritten on a per-transaction basis by s2Member.” 

So it sounds that dynamically set Auto-Return URL is likely overriding the Zapier IPN URL you set up when following that How to Use Multiple IPNs with PayPal guide. Are you able to disable this Auto-Return URL feature within s2Member? 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Does that mean it isn’t possibe?

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Sorry for any confusion caused here @DeadParrotSoftware

What I meant is that it seemed like s2Member has a feature that will dynamically generate the Auto-Return URLs for each site, which will overwrite the default PayPal settings. I was suggesting that you may want to try disabling the feature in s2Member. My thought here was that disabling it would stop it overriding PayPal’s settings so that you get the workaround in that “How to Use Multiple IPNs with PayPal” guide working.

I’m not super familiar with s2Member but it looks like their documentation is suggesting that it’s possible to disable that Auto-Return feature when using the PayPal Buttons generated by s2Member: “It is also possible to bypass s2Member's Auto-Return system altogether. For details, please read more about the success="" shortcode attribute for PayPal Buttons generated by s2Member in this KBA. See also WordPress Dashboard → s2Member (Pro) → PayPal Buttons → Shortcode Attributes (Explained).

So it sounds like it should be possible to disable it which should, in theory, allow you to use that multiple IPNs workaround. 🙂

Hope that helps to clarify. Please do keep us updated on how you get on with this!