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  • 19 May 2021
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Hi everyone! 

I am trying to allow users on our Mighty Network to upload their own documents, and I read that Typeform may be able to help. However, it seems like Zaps and Typeform can only create forms that users can fill out and submit. 

Does anyone know if I can use Typeform and Zapier to allow users to submit their own documents to our Mighty Network? 


Here is some additional information that may be useful:

Before creating a Mighty Network, we would use Box to have users download templates and submit their own completed documents. We decided to use Mighty Network because it would allow us to conduct a course and provide templates all in one place. However, users cannot upload their completed documents to Mighty Networks. The Mighty Network Help Team suggested that Typeform could be integrated with Mighty Networks and allow users to upload their own documents. Now, hours later, I have created a Typeform account but do not see an upload option available. I was then directed to Zapier to make an account to integrate with Mighty Networks, but I still do not see a way to manufacture a sort of “drop box” to add to our Mighty Network. We also utilize Outlook, Box, and Slack, so if any of these platforms could make this process easier, that could be an option. 


Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help or guidance anyone could offer!

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Hey @BLP UM, welcome to the Community!

It looks like Typeform has a File Upload type of question so you could potentially make a form in Typeform that uses a file upload field to collect the document then use a Zap to send it over to MightyNetworks. You may also want to add a couple of other fields on the Typeform form though (name, email address etc.) to help identify who uploaded the file. 

Does that approach sound like it could work for you here?