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Any plans to update Google Drive Integration with NEW shortcuts feature?

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Hi, what is the status of this? Uploading files in folders that are shortcuts to drives that are shared with me would be super helpful. Alternatively, add an upload feature to a shared drive. Currently, I don’t know how to add shared drives. 


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Hi @thm22 


We apologize, but we don't have any updates on this feature yet.


I've added your vote for this feature request. We'll make sure to send an email confirmation once implemented.

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VERY disheartened that I had found success in simply copying the Google Drive Shortcut using the “Copy File” function and it was working last night (I just copied the shortcut as Custom) yet the new, buggy roll out of updated Zapier doesn’t seem to want to use this part of my zap anymore.

Would also love this feature. We manage a podcast production pipeline where folder name’s are constantly changed. We want to be able to create a directory of Episode folders that are able to be programmatically changed based on our scheduling. The issue with just changing the folder name is that any existing media project files will have their linked paths altered (and lost) when updating the root folder name for that episode. A solution would be to store all the episode folders in a separate directory and provide the shortcuts to them inside of the folder who’s name is being programmatically changed. 

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Hi @Tina19, @Middle Tech


Let me add you guys for this feature request, we’ll you an email once available. Thanks!