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Amazon SES no longer working without Cc and Bcc

  • 2 March 2021
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I work at a company that uses Zapier and Amazon SES integration to send out mass emails to employees. About four hours ago, these zaps stopped going through without explanation. We have not made any changes on our side to my knowledge.

The error we are getting is as follows: 

Invalid type for parameter Destination.BccAddresses, value: None, type: <class 'NoneType'>, valid types: <class 'list'>, <class 'tuple'>
Invalid type for parameter ReplyToAddresses, value: None, type: <class 'NoneType'>, valid

It looks as though the zap is no longer accepting a blank value in the Cc/Bcc fields. If the Cc and Bcc field is filled in, the zap will go through. 

I’m curious to know whether anybody else is suddenly experiencing this issue, and whether the problem lies with Zapier or with Amazon SES.



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8 replies

We use SES and are experiencing the same issue today. I'm thinking that the SES API may have changed.

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Hi @Maki-Tak and @jstauf94 

FYI: Most Zap apps are maintained by the app developer, rather than Zapier, altho unsure who (Amazon or Zapier) maintains the Amazon SES Zap app integration.

You can open a ticket with Zapier Support here for them to troubleshoot this issue further:

I see. Thanks, @Troy Tessalone. I submitted a ticket and am hoping this will be resolved shortly.

I have the same problem… is there any news?

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Hi folks!

I can see that there is a known bug around this where users are seeing the error Invalid type for parameter... when information isn’t added to non-required fields. 

@Maki-Tak and @F.Leanzi, it looks like you were already on the bug report, and @jstauf94 I’ve added you to the list of affected users, so you’ll all receive an email when we have an update. 

Having the same error this morning. Will I get notified when this thread updates?

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Hi @divisionmanager

We’ll update this post when the bug is updated and you can subscribe to the post to get updates using the star at the bottom of the first post 


I’ve also added you as an affected user on the issue as it helps the team to track how many people are affected by the issue. That also means that we’ll send you an email when the bug’s been resolved 🙂

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Hi everyone! I’m pleased to report that this issue has been fixed. If you are still having any trouble with this, please get in touch with our Support Team using the Get help form