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Am I able to map a Trello card using custom field data?

  • 14 September 2021
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I am attempting to use Zapier to post information to an existing Trello card from connected apps.  For instance, we use Trello as our CRM, and I am able to push generate outbound contracts from Trello to our esign vendor (  I then want to post updates to the customer Trello card if sending the contract failed; the contract is signed; etc.

My issue is how to effectively “find” the right Trello card.  I am finding that the default (required) field is the Card Name in order to match to the card.  I instead want to match the correct card to post to based on other field data in the card (in this case, the telephone number or email address fields which I just pushed out to the esign app via the outbound zap).

In sum, I want to know whether (and how) I can find a Trello card to post to using custom field data as opposed to the card name.  This would have benefits not only for the esign app, but a variety of other use cases as well.

Thank you for any help you can provide!


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Hi @jpaupore 

You’d likely have to use the Trello API to search Cards:

App APIs can be used in Zaps with the Webhooks app:

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Perhaps check out these options:

I want to find a card in Trello by something other than its name

The Find Card action supports advanced querying, just like Trello's search bar does.


Trello Search Operators:




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Based on my research and testing, it’s not currently possible to explicitly search for a Trello Card based on a Custom Field value.

Does this mean that there is no way for an external app to post to an existing Trello card unless that App knows the precise name of that card?  Or back to your original suggestion, this has to be done through Trello API and Webhooks?   FYI, sent you a personal inquiry to discuss consult work on this and some related implementation issues.  Appreciate it.

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Would need to know the exact name of the Trello Card or the Trello Card ID.


Even via the Trello API using Webhooks, there are 0 endpoints available to search for Trello Cards by a Custom Field value.


I found other topics posted online requesting the same functionality and confirming it’s not yet available from Trello.

Thanks, appreciate the answer!  What a huge limitation on Trello outside integration.  

I do have another use case I want to talk to you about re: Trello and CallRail. Sent you a consult inquiry.  Thanks!