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Airtable - Zapier - Intercom Integration: A few issues left

  • 13 July 2020
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Hi guys,


We’re trying to set up a new system for our sign ups. Once the users fill in a form to sign up, the form data is automatically updated to a spreadsheet in Air Table. We have integrated Air Table with Zapier, and Zapier with Intercom. 

We would like the following to happen:

  1. New sign up fills the form
  2. Form data is automatically updated to the spreadsheet at Air Table
  3. Zap created which gets triggered by a ‘New Record’.

The above is happening. The issue is in the following:

  1. The Zap triggers an action, whereby a message is sent on to our intercom with the form data (we have selected those)
  2. Both the apps (Air Table with Zapier) and (Zapier with Intercom) are integrated, and show as successful.
  3. The message trigger is not happening. We can manually test it, and it comes.But when I do a dummy sign up to see if it works automatically, the message doesn't come. 

Any comments / suggestions will be welcome!


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Hi @checkout!

Looks like you’ve got a great conversation going with our Support team and they’re helping you out with this! If you have any further questions you can reply to that thread :)

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Sharing the solution here:

Michelle here from Zapier Support - hope you're well and having a nice day!

Happy to help here :)

For the Send Incoming Message action on Intercom, it's trying to send a message from one of your users in Intercom. So, say I wrote in under, you could then use this action step to send a message from me by entering my email into the "From Email" field. This is useful if you have users reaching out to you from different platforms and you want to get them into Intercom.

It sounds like you might be trying to send a message to you or someone else internally at your company. In that case, go ahead and add them as a user in Intercom, then you'll be able to use this action step to send them messages.

Hope this helps! Feel free to reach out with any other questions!