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Airtable Linked to Zapier Digest

  • 5 September 2020
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I have a zapier set up so that rows added to a specific view roll up into a digest. 


I would like to have weekly zapier rollups created using the information in this view but ONLY for items which are currently in the view – NOT for items which may have passed into and then out of the airtable view sometime over the course of the week. 


Does anybody know if this is possible?  


Right now, as I understand, the Digest function will add anything that showed up in that view regardless of whether it is still in that view. 


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Hi @head_adrian,

That sounds like a tricky one! You might be better off using Storage by Zapier to create a workflow like that. That was how we created digests before building the dedicated app. The reason that could work better is that you can remove items, in addition to adding them.

You could look into child values in the Storage app. Then I could envision you creating a view that receives whatever has passed through the one you’re rolling up. That Zap could be what you use to find and remove the child value that you no longer want.

I may tackle this one more in-depth for our Workflow Wednesday article tomorrow, since the concept could be applied to other use cases. If so, I’ll link to it here :)

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That would be great! Thanks @nicksimard !

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Hey @head_adrian!

I tried a couple of things using Storage but I couldn’t get it working.

But I had another thought. Is there some field that you can check on the day that you want to send the digest, and then filter on that field to create a view? So let’s say you wanted to send a digest for all tasks that were in the “In Progress” status, you could use that as one of the fields by which to filter. The second part of the filter is what is kind of clever, if I do say so myself. You can use something like this to change the message when it’s the particular day of the week that you’ specify:

So today is the 3rd day of the week, which means the message will change to “Run It”. Then here is my filter in Airtable:

The record will show up in my view because it’s the day of the week I specified and the status also contains “In Progress”. Might you be able to use something like this to mimic scheduling Airtable records to be added to your digest?

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Hey, @head_adrian, not sure if this workflow will be appropriate for your particular situation but check it out:


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Thank so much @nicksimard – This is a lifesaver! 


I suppose this could also be done with other datetime formulas like WEEKNUM() – Very helpful thank you!