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After a Purchase, How do I send a Unique Code to the Buyer

  • 2 May 2023
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I have an online store, and when I sell a product, I want to send a follow up email with a unique coupon code for that individual user. 

I am using Wix / Airtable/ Google Sheets / GetResponse


I have a list in google sheets / airtable of 1,000 unique codes I can use. I want to just add the email and name of the purchaser as they come in. 


But my challenge in building this is how to update a single cell in a single column in airtable or google sheets (as opposed to the very easy “create new row”)


For example - if I have a list of 1,000 unique codes, i could solve this by updating the table with the purchasers information, and then send both the purchasers email and coupon code to GetResponse.

So the goal would be that each time someone purchases, a new row of this existing table (google sheets or airtable) is updated (not created) with their email and name. Then because that row already has a unique code - and now it also has their email -  I could then update that record in my email system from there (getresponse).


Thanks in advance - I know this is easier than I realize….




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Hi there @GLX7719,

Welcome to the Community! 🎉

Here is how I see the Zap for the workflow that you have in mind:

  1. Trigger: Wix Automations
  2. Action: Google Sheets (Lookup Spreadsheet Row)
  3. Action: Google Sheets (Update Row)
  4. Action: GetResponse

Additionally, we have a Community post that talks about a similar workflow to yours! You can find the post here:

Also, here’s our help article on how to find and update rows in Google Sheets:

I hope this suggestion will help you out. 😊