Adding Teams meetings to Microsoft & Google Calendar events

  • 23 June 2022
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I’m using Spark email, which is more or less equivalent to outlook, I want to automate this workflow:


Create meeting from google calendar → Create meeting in Microsoft teams → Copy the Teams online meeting link → Update the google calendar event with the teams meeting


The Zap i am trying to build looks like this:

Trigger: New google calendar event

Condition: Description==”Teams”

Action 1: Create new Office 365 event

Action 2: Update original google calendar event, with: Description==”O365 event description” and Location==”O365 Location”

Optional Action 3: Delete new O365 event


Expected result: When i create a new google calendar event, it’s description and location are updated with a Microsoft Teams link.

Actual result: The Location and Description results say “no data” in the Zap-builder, and do not update in the event.

I’ve tried adding another of my email addresses as invitee within the Zap, as I thought maybe Teams doesn’t generate a link if there are no invitees, but this didn’t make a difference.


Any suggestions as to how I could make office365 generate a Teams meeting, which could then be added to the google event, in this zap?

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In case there is no solution for this and someone stumbles on this later:


Work-around I implemented:

In Teams you can click on ‘meet now’ and get a ‘personal meeting link’ I pasted this link in the ‘modify calendar item’ step in zapier.

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Hey, we may be able to help.  I’ll send you a PM