Adding Discord role to a new user from Digistore24 order filed

  • 28 February 2023
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is there a possibility for the following case?

I have a product at digistore. On the order form is a mandatory custom field to fill in the discord profil name. Now when i try to use this field in a zap to auto assign a role, this field do not appear in the zap. I can only choose existing users.

How do i hav eto build this zap?


Thanks in advanced!

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6 replies

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HI @forexyoda - thanks for stopping by the Zapier Community! 👋🏽

To make sure I’m understanding correctly, are you using this Trigger & Action, with the issue being that Digistore24 isn’t pulling over the customer field from your order form? 

If that’s correct, share some screenshots of your configuration (incl. your order form where the customer value lives) and we can dive deeper!

If that’s incorrect, please let us know!

Hello Liz,

let me show the screenshots. I have a mandatory field at digistore, where the customer has to put in his discord profile name.
Now i want to use this profile name, when the customer has an order event at digistore, to give hin a role at discord.
But this customer filed isn´t availbale to chosse in the zap. I see only the existing user from my discord server. I need to use the discord profil name from the order event.

Hope this makes sense.



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Hi there @forexyoda - I looked into this and I think I found the issue. There is a current Feature Request that is active for Digistore24 to add custom fields, which I’ve added you to, meaning it’s not possible with your current setup.


One possible workaround is, if you get an email notification from Digistore24 that contains the order details, including the Discord Username, you could trigger off the order emails instead and add the user role that way.


Sorry I don’t have an easier answer this go-around, let me know how things work out. 

Best- Rachael

Hi Rachael,


thanks for the answer! I will try your workaround.




I hav e just tried to setup the workaround. Unfortunately there is no option to use a eMail Event. Do i miss something?


thanks in advanced



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Hi there @forexyoda I believe this would require a Filter step. To which you would set the filter conditions for emails that contain order details such as “usernames”. Give it a try and let me know if that helps!