Adding customer to a specific segment in Flodesk based on product purchased

  • 22 September 2021
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I’m setting up my zaps to integrate Stripe and Flodesk. 


My goal is to send an email to a customer when a product is purchased.


I have it set up on FLODESK:

  • When a product is purchased, customer is added to a segment
  • Segment immediately sends email with product information


ISSUE is that every single time ANYONE’s credit card goes through on stripe, they are added to every single segment and sent an email. 


Please help!

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6 replies

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Hi @visionmarketingceo 

Try using Filters in your Zaps:

I’ve tried filters and paths. I am very confused on which ones to use and when too.

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Here’s a help article about Filters and Paths:


Zaps with Paths can have up to 5 top level paths: A, B, C, D, E


Really depends on how many Products you have.


General Zap steps would look like this…
NOTE: Additional steps may be needed to lookup additional data in order to filter properly

  1. Trigger: Stripe - New Order
  2. Action: Filter (per Product)
  3. Action: Flodesk - Add Existing Subscriber to Segment

Thank you!


If you know someone who can help me do this, a pro of Zapier, please let me know!


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Consider hiring a Zapier Expert:

@visionmarketingceo I was running into this same issue, found this thread, and am trying out using paths! We’re about to test it out. Let me know if you’ve had any success!