Adding contacts to Salesforce Campaign based on their Mailchimp Group

  • 18 December 2023
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Background: we have ~40 different newsletters on our company site (i.e. preferences); when customers subscribe, they are added by API to a Mailchimp Audience, as well as one of 40 different Mailchimp Groups, which correspond to the newsletters they subscribed to.  That all happens independently of Zapier.


As the subscriptions come into Mailchimp, I want to use Zapier to then:


1) create Contact records in Salesforce (if a match isn't found on email address between Mailchimp and Salesforce), and

2) add those Contacts to Salesforce Campaigns as Members. 


Those Campaigns also correspond to the 40 website newsletters / 40 Mailchimp Groups, though the SF Campaign Names are slightly different from the MC Group name.


I considered using New Subscriber in Segment or Tag as the Mailchimp Trigger (I can use MC's own journey builder to add the subscriber to a Segment / Tag as based on Group to save on Zapier tasks), but can't find a way to do that without selecting one specific Segment or Tag each time as part of the Trigger; obviously, I don't want to create 40 separate Zaps, one per newsletter.


I also considered using Formatter to create a Lookup table which ties the MC Group to the SF Campaign, and then subsequent Actions add the SF Contact to the Campaign based on that table; this seems the most likely solution, but I'm struggling to work out how to actually do that. 


As a fallback option, I could potentially use Zapier to pass the comma separated MC Group names into a new SF field as text, and then use SF's Flow to add to Campaign.  But I'm hoping there's a more elegant solution than that!

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Hi @mrose1987 

Good question.


You may want to manage the lookup table in an app outside of the Zap to replace the Formatter step.


Look into using Mailchimp Webhooks: