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Adding Calendly to Zapier in my trigger

  • 23 December 2020
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I have a Facebook Lead Capture Ad that I’ve created where the fields that are in the lead capture go into Zapier and then to Pipedrive. The issue I’m facing is that at the end the thank you message I have the button linked to Calendly. What I want it to be able to set up my trigger in Zapier as Facebook Lead > Calendly > Create Person In Pipedrive > Create Deal in Pipedrive. 

I can’t seem to add Calendly as the second step in the process as it does the following above. 





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8 replies

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Hi @Pre Uni College 

Unfortunately, Calendly doesn’t have any action step options - so you won’t be able to build this workflow in Zapier.

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Hey @Pre Uni College,

I think you can still achieve this. I think the customer has to fill in some basic information (name, email) in calendly as well right? I think it should be sufficient to only use calendly as a trigger and not include facebook. Does that make sense for you?

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Hi @Ennes 

Thanks for your message.

So the lead capture in Facebook is capturing the name, email, phone but at the end of the thank you message, the button links to Calendly. So, therefore there’s one seperate Zap created for Zapier as Facebook Lead >  Create Person In Pipedrive > Create Deal in Pipedrive. 

And you’re saying that the calendly we would be creating as a separate trigger. So something like Invitee Created in Calendly > Create Person in Pipedrive > Create Deal in Pipedrive.

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Thanks, @AndrewJDavison_Luhhu for your message. Much appreciate it. 

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Yes @Pre Uni College ! Exactly.


Or do you think you will lose some data point that you ask in the Facebook Lead Ad that you do not ask in the calendly link from the user?

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Hi @Ennes 

The information from Calendly is the same. 

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Perfect! Then you can just do it the way I described :)

Let me know if it worked :)

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It appears that it has worked and it is now going into Pipedrive correctly under the deal name that I’ve given it. Thanks for clarifying.