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Add Trello comments onto correct Clio note

  • 14 October 2021
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I have Clio push a new matter to Trello.  That works fine.  I would like to then have new comments on the matter back to Clio as a note.  The only way I can get the zap to work is to select a matter value… but then every comment on any card goes to that one Clio matter as a note.  What am I doing wrong?


Best answer by Troy Tessalone 14 October 2021, 02:07

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9 replies

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Hi @sburkel

You’ll need to send the Clio Matter ID to a custom field on the Trello Card.

Then you can use that Clio Matter ID to dynamically update the Matter in Clio.


You can add a Clio Find Matter step in the Zap.


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Ok… so how do I do that?  I have created the custom field, but I cannot figure out how to push the matter ID over.


Is this all within the same zap or different zaps?


And THANK YOU for responding.  I “get” the “why” behind the connection… just now the “how.”

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In the Zap that creates the Trello Card, there will be a Matter ID, that needs to be mapped over using the ‘CUSTOM’ mapping option into the custom field for Matter ID on the Trello Card.

Help article:


Then in the other Zap that updates the Matter from the Trello Card, the custom field with the Matter ID would be mapped to the field that indicates what Matter to updated.

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I apparently just suck at this because I canNOT get it to work.  But it’s been a long day and I’ve spent too much time on this already.  Maybe fresh eyes tomorrow will help.  Thank you for trying to help me.



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Hey @sburkel,

Using custom values can definitely be a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, you’re doing great! :) 

The matter ID Troy referred to is the unique number that Clio uses to identify which matter the note needs to be added to. To select that ID, you’ll need to go into the Create Matter Note step, choose the Custom value option, and then pick the ID field from the Find Matter step. For example:


We have a couple of guides that talk about how to use search steps like the Find Matter one and how to work with custom values here which you may find useful: 

Hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction. Please do let us know how you get on with this! 

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Finding the matter in Clio seems to be a problem.  When I search for ID, I keep getting an ID for a Clio matter I am not even the rep on record for and a completely different unrelated ID#.  

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Best to post screenshots with how your Zap steps are configured in order to help show AND tell about the question/issue, thanks.

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I have finally solved this issue!!!!!!  (I’m doing a full out dance I am so excited!)

Thanks so much to Connor at Zapier for reaching out to me directly and looking at my Zap.  The issue was that I did not need to find the matter in Clio since I created a custom field with the Matter ID.  I was adding an unnecessary step.  @Troy Tessalone said this above, but for some reason it didn’t resonate with me until today.  

And THANK YOU to everyone else for your suggestions and assistance.  I love that there are people out there willing to give their time and talent to help solve a problem.  

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Yay! I’m so stoked to hear you were able to get this sorted, @sburkel! 🎉Thanks for keeping everyone updated with your progress.