Add multiple products with create order in Shopify (With Clickfunnels!)

  • 19 March 2023
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I’ve dug around and read & re-read the previous post on Add multiple products with Create Order in Shopify action here, though I’m still drawing a blank on implementing this one into my zap. 

Essentially, I’m running a bundle offer right now on my store, and I want to create 1 order that includes the 3 different products (in the bundle), instead of creating 3 separate orders - one per product - which would be weird for the customer. 

My challenge: is it it seem to make sense to line up the list items using:

[Product] [Product Name]

[Product] [2nd Product’s Name] 

… and so on. 


But, the line item won’t let me repeat the term “Product” in the second line item/row… it automatically renames it to product_1 … which is something I don’t think shopify will recognize. 

Either way, I know the native create order shopify zap only lets you create an order for one product, so I’m trying to work around this with the line items, because I want the order to be for 3 products includes in a bundle for this offer I’m running. 

How can I do this?

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5 replies

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Hi @MrCenturion 


I believe the problem would be you are passing comma separated text instead of line items. You can use the Formatter by Zapier > Utilities > Text to Line Items step to convert comma separated text to line items. 


You can also share screenshots of your current setup so we can help you better

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I just made that change, now, I am unsure of how to add the multiple shopify products in, as it is only pulling in data from the clickfunnels page itself. 

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Hi @MrCenturion 


To be clear, you need to set certain products here? If so, you can just type the Product IDs into this field. (Shopify will be waiting for the product IDs not the product names). So something like “123, 456, 789”

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As in like this?

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Yes, but same goes for the Product Qty, Title, Price, etc. 


You can use the Line Itemizer instead so you can convert several texts into items. 


ALSO, I see there are many empty values in the Product ID string, those empty values have to be in the other fields as well.