Add Data only to Certain Excel Worksheet/Tabs

  • 15 February 2023
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I am new to Zapier Integrations, but I am technically geeky.

I am trying to add/update my Excel spreadhseet with customers birthdays. I have a list with their names and dates of births on. I understand i may have to create or update the Sheet to make it ‘talk’ to Zapier properly. However, I have the following question please?

  1. How can i set it up so i can only add data to a particular “worksheet/tab”? I currently have each tab set up to represent each month - so I’d want to add client details to the corresponding tab of their birthday

The only way I can think about it is to have 12 sets of Zaps with filters only pulling across Ciient data for each month and then adding it to the corresponding “worksheet/tab”




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3 replies

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Hi @Syanides 

Good question.

You can use separate Zaps with Filters.

You can use 1 Zap with nested Paths, but that will use extra Tasks for the nested paths.

NOTE: Paths require a Professional Zapier plan.


I’d recommend using Airtable instead of Excel/GSheets.

Airtable has Views.

Views can have Filters. (e.g. Month = May)


Thanks for this, much appreciated. Not sure i can deal with a new piece of software for now - heh heh.🤣.


If i stick with Excel for now, I am trying to add the filter to pull out the separate months and picking the individual months. But my data is in dd/mm/yyyy format, so I’m not sure how to filter out each month. I have tried with a test data with a birthday in November and the Filter to look for “After 31st October” and “Before 1st December” - but the Test fails. 

Even if I do not filter and just update a Global list - how can i pull out the months to update a separate Column in Excel with the name of the month?


(Or am I resigned to use something like Airtable?)

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Depending on how many records you have Airtable has a free plan.