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Add a unique random number per row in Sheets

  • 24 September 2020
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I’m going nuts on this one. Hope you guys can help a brother out. 

Every time a “new row” is created (on google sheet) I need to add on “column A” a “unique random number” on that new row created. 

I know I can set formulas on zapier, but I’m struggling doing so. There are a few issues

  1. Random number: If this formula is used each time that any kind of info is placed on the sheet, ALL numbers are “refreshed”. For me this doesn't work since I need to keep the original (first) number.  
  2. I have set a value of “CR-0001-” on that column, so each time a new row is created, “CR-0001-” is placed (this is working just fine). Now. I need to place after this numer: 0001 then 0002 then 0003 and so on, for each “new row” created. 

I’m getting all the info from SHOPIFY (this I manage to do) so I just need to fill this column with this unique number. 


I hope I was clear, since english is not my first language. 

Thank you in advance! 




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You can use Storage and a Formatter step to increase the value by +1 each time.