Adapt multiple Zaps or create dynamic zap for clients instead

  • 27 February 2023
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I read in some of the previous discussions that zapier currently does not have a possibility to update mutliple zaps at once. In the discussion a way of creating dynamic content was mentioned. We have a zap template for leads to be then assigned with the respective client. Since the implementation, we improved a lot of tools and automations, but had to do it manually every time. Now I am wondering, can you tell me about the opportunities of the dynamic content? For us it would be super helpful if we were able to unify all clients and boards for clients in one zap since we retrieve the data from one SQL server on the other hand. Can you elaborate on these possibilities?

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3 replies

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Hi @annafel

Good question.

We’d need a better understanding of the Zap steps being used in order to evaluate and advise, thanks.

You may want to reference this related topic:


Hi @Troy Tessalone 

What we are doing is, we are connecting several sources to via zapier. We have a source e.g. where we get leads and we want to distribute these leads to the customer’s individual boards in monday. Therefore, we need to have one trigger that enables to identify and spread the leads to the individual boards. Currently, we have a template and implement it and set up a zap for every single customer. The problem is, once we do that in a large scale, and detect an error or improvement later in the usage process, we need to edit each zap. Now we are looking for a more convenient and easy solution


Kind regards


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Hi @annafel 

One thing to keep in mind with Monday, is that every Monday Board can have different internal field IDs for columns, which can make it more complex to make the Zaps dynamic. (I know from experience.)


Perhaps you should be thinking about the Monday setup different.

Maybe use 1 Board with Sections or Views to segment the data.